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Heterogeneous Photocatalysis: From Fundamentals to Applications in Energy Conversion and Depollution

Jennifer Strunk | 3527344640, 978-3527344642, 9783527344642, B097NJBW39

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Discover the latest research in photocatalysis combined with foundational topics in basic physical and chemical photocatalytic processes

In Heterogeneous Photocatalysis: From Fundamentals to Applications in Energy Conversion and Depollution, distinguished researcher and editor Jennifer Strunk delivers a rigorous discussion of the two main topics in her field—energy conversion and depollution reactions. The book covers topics like water splitting, CO2 reduction, NOx abatement and harmful organics degradation.

In addition to the latest research on these topics, the reference provides readers with fundamental information about elementary physical and chemical processes in photocatalysis that are extremely practical in this interdisciplinary field. It offers an excellent overview of modern heterogeneous photocatalysis and combines concepts from different viewpoints to allow researchers with backgrounds as varied as electrochemistry, material science, and semiconductor physics to begin developing solutions with photocatalysis.

In addition to subjects like metal-free photocatalysts and photocarrier loss pathways in metal oxide absorber materials for photocatalysis explored with time-resolved spectroscopy, readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:

•Thorough introductions to kinetic and thermodynamic considerations for photocatalyst design and the logic, concepts, and methods of the design of reliable studies on photocatalysis

•Detailed explorations of in-situ spectroscopy for mechanistic studies in semiconductor photocatalysis and the principles and limitations of photoelectrochemical fuel generation

•Discussions of photocatalysis, including the heterogeneous catalysis perspective and insights into photocatalysis from computational chemistry

•Treatments of selected aspects of photoreactor engineering and defects in photocatalysis

Perfect for photochemists, physical and catalytic chemists, electrochemists, and materials scientists, Heterogeneous Photocatalysis will also earn a place in the libraries of surface physicists and environmental chemists seeking up-to-date information about energy conversion and depollution reactions.