In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Holistisches Chancen-Risiken-Management von Großprojekten: Unbekanntes erkennen und handeln

Konrad Bergmeister | 3433033307, 978-3433033302, 9783433033302

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PDF 2021

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Extreme events are usually far away in our thinking. If you enter anyway, you often meet us unexpectedly. When events with severe environmental and human consequences occur individually, most people perceive them as extreme. A large number of smaller events over a longer period of time, the overall effect of which is similarly large. however, hardly anyone cares.

Especially when big ?? In construction projects, the occurrence of unexpected, extreme events such as natural hazards, the collapse of a bridge or a fire in a tunnel often causes a shock that is also perceived by the public. But also the à ?? Exceeding costs and construction times due to unknown risks, cause à ?? fears and blame. The book shows a possible way how such unknown risks can be avoided. projects explained. The Corona issue is also addressed from the perspective of opportunity-risk management.