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How to Commercialize Chemical Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Timothy J. Clark, Andrew S. Pasternak | 1119604842, 978-1119604846, 9781119604846, B096N8KPJJ

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The definitive guide for scientific entrepreneurs commercializing sustainable technologies in the chemical sector  

Lacking the considerable resources of multinational chemical companies, entrepreneurs face a unique set of risks and challenges. How to Commercialize Chemical Technologies for a Sustainable Future is targeted at innovators who are embarking on the entrepreneurial path with their sustainable chemical technology but are unsure of what steps to take. This first-of-its-kind resource features contributions from a diverse team of expert authors, including engineers, venture capitalists, marketing specialists, intellectual property professionals, regulatory experts, industry practitioners, and many others. 

Accessible and highly practical, this real-world guide covers each step of the technology commercialization process, from market landscape analysis and financing to scale-up and strategic partnering. Throughout the book, effective tactics and strategies for growing a new venture are supported by case studies highlighting the economic and environmental impact of successful commercialization, and identifying the common mistakes that lead to lost opportunities. Filled with invaluable advice and actionable steps, this book: 

•Uses valuation concepts, tools, and examples to demonstrate that for a chemical technology to be sustainable it must not only have market value but also confer benefits to human well-being and the environment 

•Offers templates and tools for understanding what customers need, who the competition is and how to successfully differentiate your product to those customers 

•Describes how to practically advance your technology from conception all the way to commercial demonstration  

•Presents advantages and disadvantages of strategic partnering from the perspective of the start-up and the larger industrial partner, along with strategies to mitigate risks within a partnership 

•Provides an overview of the legal regulatory requirements for bringing new chemicals to market in several key geographic regions, as well as the impact of public policy on commercialization  

•Offers insights and practical strategies on intellectual property management, raising investment, and operationalizing a startup company 

How to Commercialize Chemical Technologies for a Sustainable Future isessential reading for budding entrepreneurs in chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering looking to bring their sustainable technologies to market. It is also a valuable reference for investors, policymakers, regulators, and other professionals.