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How to Manage Rental Properties

A book for beginners on managing and investing in rental properties, increase profit as an investor and become the best landlord, Philip C. Perry, B0B77TRZK1, B0B6XNQHWV, 979-8841844945, 9798841844945

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No matter how good you are at finding great rental property bargains, if  you don't properly manage your properties, you run the risk of losing  everything. However, becoming a landlord should not involve sleepless  calls in the middle of the night, expensive evictions, or ongoing  irritation with unappreciative tenants. Being a landlord could be fun,  but only if you do it right.

This is the reason I wrote this  comprehensive book, How to Manage Rental Properties, which will change  the way you think about being a landlord. It will walk you through the  process of learning how to maximize profit, manage tenants, and be a  successful investor

What you will discover:

The minimal thinking adjustment that will greatly increase your chances of success
How to buy a property for less than its market price
The dangers of purchasing rental homes
Options for financing and paying for rental properties
How to buy rentals in an expensive market
Important steps for managing your rental properties successfully and lots more..