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Humanism and its Discontents: The Rise of Transhumanism and Posthumanism

Paul Jorion, 3030670066, 3030670031, 978-3030670061, 9783030670061, 978-3030670030, 9783030670030, B09SDWR7ZT, 978-3-030-67003-0 ISBN 978-3-030-67004-7

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book explains that while posthumanism rose in opposition to the biblical contention that ‘Man was created in the image of God’, transhumanism ascertained the complementary view that ‘Man has been assigned dominion over all creatures’, further exploring a path that had been opened up by the Enlightenment’s notion of human perfectibility.

It explains also how posthumanism and transhumanism relate to deconstruction theory, and on a broader level to capitalism, libertarianism, and the fight against human extinction which may involve trespassing the boundary of the skin, achieving individual immortality or dematerialization of the Self and colonisation of distant planets and stars.

Two authors debate about truth and reason in today’s world, the notion of personhood and the legacy of the Nietzschean Superhuman in the current varieties of anti-humanism.