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Hydrocarbon Biotechnology: Challenges and Future Trends

Wael Ahmed Ismail, Jonathan Van Hamme, 1774639890, 9781774639894, 978-1774639894

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Hydrocarbon biotechnology offers environmentally friendly technical  solutions that can be implemented to solve problems throughout the value  chain of the fossil fuel industry. This book, Hydrocarbon  Biotechnology: Challenges and Future Trends, presents an up-to-date view  of hydrocarbon microbiology and biotechnology, presented by experts  around the world with interest in how our expanding understanding of  hydrocarbonoclast ecology and physiology can translate to better tools  for bioremediation, oil recovery, bioupgrading of unconventional crudes,  the development of biorefining technologies, and the production of  hydrogen and electricity from hydrocarbon wastes. The common theme  across the chapters in this book is an interest in how developing  hydrocarbon biotechnologies may reduce our impact on the global  environment.

Written by eminent scientists from both the academia  and industry, the book starts with a historical perspective on  hydrocarbon chemistry and formation, petroleum microbiology, and  biotechnology. This is followed by a review of recent research  developments in bioremediation and other biotechnologies for  hydrocarbons, the principal constituents of petroleum and natural gas.

The  information found here will be valuable for faculty and students from  different disciplines such as microbiology, chemistry, environmental  biotechnology, industrial microbiology, biochemical engineering,  petroleum science, and technology. In addition, researchers and industry  scientists from those disciplines will find the book an invaluable  resource.