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Hydrometallurgy: Theory

Michael Nicol, 0323993222, 978-0323993227, 978-0323993234, 9780323993227, 9780323993234, B0B4S13D1W

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 11 MB

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Hydrometallurgy: Theory provides the necessary fundamental background to the multidisciplinary  field of hydrometallurgy, presenting the tools needed to utilize the  theory to quantitatively describe, model and control the unit operations  used in hydrometallurgical plants. The book describes the development  and operation of processes utilizing hydrometallurgical operations,  making it a valuable resource and reference for researchers, academics,  students and industry professionals. It focuses on quantitative  problem-solving with many worked examples and focused problems based on  Nicol’s many years of experience in teaching hydrometallurgy to  students, researchers and industry professionals.

  • Helps  readers master detailed chemistry and chemical engineering fundamentals  that are required to fully engage in the field of hydrometallurgy
  • Provides  a ready reference for students, academics and practicing professionals  who are confronted by a particular problem or opportunity in  hydrometallurgy
  • Features  many worked problems and appropriate workshops, providing the necessary  skills to tackle quantitative problems in hydrometallurgy