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دانلود کتاب تشخیص جعل کپی-حرکت تصویر: ابزارها و تکنیک های جدید

Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection: New Tools and Techniques, Badal Soni, Pradip K. Das, 9811690405, 9789811690402, 978-9811690402

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English | 2022 | PDF | زمان تحویل: کمتر از 8 ساعت

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This book presents a detailed study of key points and block-based  copy-move forgery detection techniques with a critical discussion about  their pros and cons. It also highlights the directions for further  development in image forgery detection. The book includes various  publicly available standard image copy-move forgery datasets that are  experimentally analyzed and presented with complete descriptions. Five  different image copy-move forgery detection techniques are implemented  to overcome the limitations of existing copy-move forgery detection  techniques. The key focus of work is to reduce the computational time  without adversely affecting the efficiency of these techniques. In  addition, these techniques are also robust to geometric transformation  attacks like rotation, scaling, or both