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Immigration in American History

Kristen L. Anderson | 0367415720, 0367416360, 978-0367415723, 978-0367416362, 9780367415723, 9780367416362, B08ML7KYW3

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Immigration in American History is a concise examination of the experiences of immigrants from the founding of the British colonies through the present day.

The most recent scholarship on immigration is integrated into an accessible narrative that embraces the multicultural nature of U.S. immigration history, keeping issues of race and power at the center of the book. Organized chronologically, this book highlights how the migration experience evolved over time and examines the interactions that occurred between different groups of migrants and the native-born. From the first interactions between the Native Americans and English colonizers at Jamestown, to the present-day debates over unauthorized immigration, the book helps students chart the evolution of American attitudes towards immigration and immigration policies and better contextualize present-day debates over immigration. The voices of immigrants are brought to the forefront in a poignant selection of primary source documents, and a glossary and "who’s who" provide students with additional context for the people and concepts featured in the text.

This book will be of interest to students and scholars of American immigration history and immigration policy history.