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Indigenous Knowledge and Mental Health: A Global Perspective

David Danto, 303071344X, 9783030713447, 978-3030713447

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book brings together Indigenous and allied experts addressing  mental health among Indigenous peoples across the traditional  territories commonly known as the Americas (e.g. Canada, US, Caribbean  Islands, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil), Asia (e.g.  China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia), Africa (e.g. South Africa,  Central and West Africa) and Oceania (New Guinea and Australia) to  exchange knowledge, perspectives and methods for mental health research  and service delivery. Around the world, Indigenous peoples have  experienced marginalization, rapid culture change and absorption into a  global economy with little regard for their needs or autonomy. This  cultural discontinuity has been linked to high rates of depression,  substance abuse, suicide, and violence in many communities, with the  most dramatic impact on youth. Nevertheless, Indigenous knowledge,  tradition and practice have remained central to wellbeing, resilience  and mental health in these populations. Such is the focus of this book.