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Industrial Microbiology Based Entrepreneurship: Making Money from Microbes

Natarajan Amaresan, Dhanasekaran Dharumadurai, Diana R. Cundell, 981196663X, 9789811966637, 978-9811966637

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is first part of the 3 volume set focusing on basic and  advanced methods for using microbiology as an entrepreneurial  venture. This book deals with the concept of entrepreneurship skills for  production, cost-benefit analysis and marketing of vaccines, diagnostic  kits, biofuels, biogas, organic acids, plant nutrition enhancer,  biofungicides, molecular products from Microbes-Taq polymerase,  restriction enzymes and DNA ligase. Chapters cover the applications of  microorganisms in small and large scale production to achieve a  sustainable output. The book provides essential knowledge and working  business protocols for Enzyme Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, vaccine  production etc. This book is helpful to graduate students, research  scholars and postdoctoral fellows, and teachers who belong to different  disciplines via botany, industrial microbiology, pharmaceutical and  biotechnology, molecular biology. Other two volumes are focused on food  and agriculture microbiology.