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Industry Dynamics and Industry 4.0

Routledge-Giappichelli Studies in Business and Management, Bernardino Quattrociocchi, Mario Calabrese, Francesca Iandolo, Francesco Mercuri, 1032358610, 978-1032358611, 9781032358611, B0B69QFJVX

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English | 2023 | PDF | 4 MB | 143 Pages

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The  so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution has prompted companies to adapt  to a new business paradigm based on digital interconnection and the  ability to respond quickly to the needs of consumers and users.

These  conditions are closely related to the advent of digital technologies  that enable the real-time integration of devices and the control of  production systems through technological platforms.

Based  on this logic, this volume aims to investigate the forms and methods  being used by the company at present to confront the new business  paradigm, commonly known as Industry 4.0, as well as the impact of new  digital technologies on corporate evolutionary dynamics and related  business models. More specifically, technological challenges will assess  the impact of new technologies on productivity and investment in  complementary resources―including human, organizational, and managerial  capital―as well as the effects related to the introduction of Internet  of Things (IoT)-based production processes.

By  following this approach, the focus subsequently shifts to drone  technology, which is considered by many to be one of the most  revolutionary Industry 4.0 technologies. In addition to investigating  the history and potential applications of drones, many of which proved  to be fundamental during the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume emphasizes  the related ethical and social aspects such as the degree of knowledge  regarding and the public acceptance of drones. The academic and  professional approach of this volume allows it to serve as a guide for  professionals, entrepreneurs, and academics with a particular interest  in both digital innovation and the drone sector.