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Innovation in the Arts: Concepts, Theories, and Practices

Routledge Focus on the Global Creative Economy, Jason C. White, 0367688778, 978-0367688776, 978-0367688776, B0B7KHH7L6

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English | 2023 | PDF | 2 MB | 103 Pages

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This  concise guide aims to increase what we understand by innovation in the  arts and identify and support opportunities and strategies for the  unique ways in which artists and arts administrators think about, engage  in, and pursue successful innovation in their diverse creative  practice. 

Innovations in the Arts are often  marginalised from a research perspective, in part because of the lack of  a sound and compelling theoretical framework to support and explain  process distinctions from business and management innovation. This book  identifies three key concepts - art innovation, art movement innovation,  and audience experience innovation - supported by formal theory for  each concept presented and evidenced through case studies in art  history. In this way, the book enables readers to identify, explain, and  support their innovation efforts as visual, literary, and performing  artists and arts administrators. It also explores strategies for  pursuing innovation in practice.

Drawing attention to  the unique ways in which artists and arts administrators think about  and engage in innovation, this readable book will be an essential  reading for students in all aspects of the creative and cultural  industries and an essential guide to developing and promoting innovation  in the arts for practitioners and researchers alike.