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دانلود کتاب تکنیک های بیومتریک هوشمند در اثر انگشت و تشخیص چهره

Intelligent Biometric Techniques in Fingerprint and Face Recognition (International Series on Computational Intelligence), L.C. Jain, U. Halici, I. Hayashi, S.B. Lee, S. Tsutsui, 0849320550, B09PY73JC7, 1841848107, 978-0849367465, 9780849367465

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 The  tremendous world-wide interest in intelligent biometric techniques in  fingerprint and face recognition is fueled by the myriad of potential  applications, including banking and security systems, and limited only  by the imaginations of scientists and engineers. This growing interest  poses new challenges to the fields of expert systems, neural networks,  fuzzy systems, and evolutionary computing, which offer the advantages of  learning abilities and human-like behavior. Authored by a panel of  international experts, this book presents a thorough treatment of  established and emerging applications and techniques relevant to this  field