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Internet of Things and Businesses in a Disruptive Economy

Ravindra Sharma, Rakesh Saini, Chandra Prakash, Vinod Prasad | 1536189588, 978-1536189582, 9781536189582

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PDF 2021

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The Internet of Things (IoT) opens the door for new business opportunities and helps companies benefit from new revenue streams developed by advanced business models and services. IoT-driven innovations build strong business cases, reduce marketing times and increase returns on investments. IoT has the potential to transform the way consumers and businesses approach the world by leveraging the scope of IoT beyond connectivity. Economies are constantly "falling out" in every industry, but to be truly disruptive, an economy must entirely transform a product or solution that was so complicated historically that only a few affluent people who carry certain skills had access to it. A disruptive economy is often a much simpler, low-grade solution that's more affordable and accessible to a large percentage of the population, thus opening it to an entirely fresh market. This often upturns established industries and overthrows existing market leaders. Internet of Things and Businesses in a Disruptive Economy provides insight on how the newly emerging IoT will provide unprecedented opportunities to permeate technology and automation into everything we do, while at the same time providing a huge playing field for businesses to develop state-of-the-art business models to capture market shares. This book covers business domains like human resource management, health care, agriculture, smart cities projects, smart manufacturing, smart education, cloud computing, and IoT securities issues. Readers will gain a broad understanding of IoT wherever IoT is applicable, as well as the role IoT plays in transforming business processes and ensuring sustainable growth in the disruptive economic environment. Readers will be able to use IoT to tackle real-world problems ranging from those in the manufacturing sector, human resource management, health care, agriculture, surveillances systems, cloud computing and smart cities and various other domains of business.