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Joan of Navarre: Infanta, Duchess, Queen, Witch?

Lives of Royal Women, Elena Woodacre, 9780429536618, 9780367203481, 9780367203474, 9780429261022, 978-0429536618, 978-0367203481, 978-0367203474, 978-0429261022, 0367203480, 0367203472, B0B3GGPN7C

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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This  book is the first full-length biography of Joan of Navarre, a  fascinating royal woman who became duchess of Brittany and queen consort  of England through her two marriages in 1386 and 1403 respectively.

Joan  was enmeshed in the turbulent politics of the later Middle Ages as her  extensive family and marital connections meant she was related to most  of the royal houses of Western Europe―as well as the key protagonists of  the Hundred Years War. The large foreign entourage that Joan brought  with her to England, and her family ties across the Channel, made her  unpopular with her subjects and her loyalties suspect, provoking several  purges of her household and culminating in a charge of treason on which  she was detained for several years. Yet Joan returned to court in her  later years and fought vociferously to the end to retain queenly rights,  revenues, and position. Ultimately, this book highlights Joan’s  political agency and tenacity, bringing her out of the historical  shadows and into the foreground of high politics in fifteenth-century  England and Europe.

Joan of Navarre is  a useful resource for all students and scholars interested in queenship  studies, women’s history, and European politics during the later Middle  Ages.