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K-pop Dance

Chuyun Oh, 1032079398, 1032079428, 978-1032079394, 9781032079394, 978-1032079424, 9781032079424, B0B2G63TWB

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English | 2023 | PDF | 7 MB | 195 Pages

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This book is about K-pop dance and the evolution and presence of its dance fandom on social media.

Based on five years of ethnographic  fieldwork, interviews, choreography, and participation-observation with  40 amateur and professional K-pop dancers in New York, California, and  Seoul, the book traces the evolution of K-pop dance from the 1980s to  the 2020s and explains its distinctive feature called ‘gestural point  choreography’ – front-driven, two-dimensional, decorative and charming  movements of the upper body and face – as an example of what the author  theorizes as ‘social media dance.’ It also explores K-pop cover dance as  a form of intercultural performance, suggesting that, by imitating and  idolizing K-pop dance, fans are eventually ‘fandoming’ themselves and  their bodies.

Presenting an ethnographic study of  K-pop dance and its fandom, this book will be a valuable resource for  students and scholars of Media Studies, Korean Studies, Performance  Studies, and Dance.