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Lacanian Psychoanalysis from Clinic to Culture

Berjanet Jazani | 036733092X, 0367330946, 978-0367330927, 978-0367330941, 9780367330927, 9780367330941, B08MVCKBST

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PDF 2021

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This accessible and insightful book merges Lacanian theory, psychoanalytic case studies, and the author’s personal experiences to illuminate the relevance of Lacanian psychoanalysis in mapping contemporary subjectivity.

Using examples from cinema, artificial intelligence, and clinical and cultural references, the book covers major topics within the field, including dreams, the mirror phase, psychosis, hysteria, the position of the analyst, the drive, supervision and the symptom. Each is set within the context of our technologically oriented, market-based society and complemented with empirical vignettes. The book’s final section examines contemporary society and radicalization.

Lacanian Psychoanalysis from Clinic to Culture is important reading for students and academics in Lacanian psychoanalysis, as well as professionals concerned with complex social problems.