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Life After Death: What Happens to Your Body After You Die?

Michael Wilson, 3030830357, 9783030830359, 978-3030830359

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Death is not an end – it’s a new beginning. After death, all of the  molecules that came together to form the living “you” become nutrients  for millions of creatures, large and small. Your body becomes the hub of  a complex ecosystem of microbes, insects, worms, plants and more. Cheer  up! This book shows how you are going to live forever – as components  of so many other wonderful creatures. It describes the science behind  the remarkable recycling of your body. We begin with lessons about how  your body functions, is a collection of valuable nutrients and is a home  to millions of microbes. The book goes on to describe the various  stages the body passes through as it decomposes following death. The  microbes and insects that make use of your tissues are then introduced.  Finally, you will learn about the enduring effects that your body will  have on the wider biosphere. We are rich in valuable resources that will  end up feeding an immense number and variety of other creatures.  Inevitably, your body will support the continuation of life on our  beautiful planet – this book describes how all this happens.