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Life Cycle Design & Engineering of Lightweight Multi-Material Automotive Body Parts: Results from the BMBF sponsored collaborative research project MultiMaK2

Thomas Vietor, 3662652722, 978-3662652725, 9783662652725, B0BJTGQX6T, 978-3-662-65272-5, 978-3-662-65273-2

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This book presents the final report of the collaborative research project "MultiMaK2": MultiMaK2 contributed to the development of multi-material component concepts in large-scale automotive production. Whithin the project new methods in conceptual design of lightweight components were developed at the example of roof cross member and transmission tunnels. A concurrent Life Cycle Design & Engineering approach led to identifying eco- and cost efficient component alternatives. This includes evaluation tools for the concepts' full life cycle. Further, methods to integrate that knowledge into automotive engineering processes have been established based on principles of visual analytics. That brings forward a tight integration of data, engineering models and results visualization towards an informed knowledge building across disciplines. MultiMaK2 also compiled and structured design guidelines within a knowledge management system. All methods and tools have been embedded within the Life Cycle Design & Engineering Lab in the Open Hybrid LabFactory.