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Loudspeaker Physics and Forced Vibration

William H. Watkins, 3030916332, 978-3030916336, 9783030916336, B09YNLKYQR, 978-3-030-91633-6, 978-3-030-91634-3

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is a study of the workings of dynamic loudspeakers and dynamically forced vibration. With its wealth of practical observations and real-life examples, this work will prove invaluable to the practicing motor design or loudspeaker design engineer, as well as researchers and students in electroacoustics.

The book is based on a lifetime’s accumulated knowledge by acclaimed speaker designer William H. (Bill) Watkins. It differs from the usual tone of most technical books on this subject by initially presenting, and analyzing in full, the function of each key parameter of a reference dynamic loudspeaker. Each parameter’s value is then calculated and also confirmed via lab measurements to vividly illustrate all energy-transduction facets of loudspeaker operation and the forced vibration. This presentation style makes the analysis both more engaging, intuitive, and easier to comprehend compared to most previous works in the field.

The principles of this book apply to all direct reciprocating motors, not just those in a dynamic loudspeaker. Unique to the book is an entire chapter dedicated to the discussion of back-EMF voltage, discussed from several technical points of view and analyzed in depth as related to the dynamic transfer of energy between the mechanical and electrical domains. Another unique feature is a detailed discussion of Watkins’ patented dual-motor concept to achieve high dynamic speaker performance in the region of its low-frequency resonance.