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Measuring Cerebellar Function

Roy V. Sillitoe, 1071620258, 9781071620250, 978-1071620250

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This volume considers the current techniques used by experts to study  and measure cerebellar function. The chapters in this book cover topics  such as stem cell-based techniques; conditional genetics approaches in  model systems; neuronal recordings conducted in vitro and in vivo; and  an ever-growing list of behavioral paradigms. This book also provides  readers with a guide for how to use tools such as iPSCs and how to  address questions using a range of approaches in animal model systems  including mouse, rat, zebrafish, and non-human primate. In the  Neuromethods series style, the chapters include the kind of detail and  key advice from the specialists needed to get successful results in your  laboratory.

Cutting-edge and authoritative, Measuring Cerebellar  Function is a valuable resource for cerebellar enthusiasts and other  scientists interested in learning more about the cerebellum and the  technological advances that are currently being employed to unlock brain  function and understand animal behavior.