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Mechanobiology of Fracture Healing: From Basic Science to Clinical Application

Lutz E. Claes, 3030940810, 9783030940812, 978-3030940812

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book offers a summary of research on the biomechanics of fracture  fixation and mechanobiology of fracture healing. The author, a known  expert, provides an overview of the state of art, his own research  together with that of his co-workers and collaborators; he describes the  ideas and findings from the beginning of this research field in the  1960s up to the clinical consequences and applications of today.

The  book discusses the mechanobiology of fracture healing, illustrates the  numerical methods that simulate fracture healing processes, and depicts  specific research methods of experimental studies. Finally, it provides  conclusions for the improvement of fracture treatment that will be of  use in clinical applications nowadays.

This book will be a  valuable resource of knowledge for students and scientists in the field  of bioengineering, experimental biology, and biomechanics, helping them  to identify the correct conditions and analysis for their respective  research and receive an understanding of the research field from its  beginning until today. For experimental and clinical surgeons active in  the field of fracture healing, this book will provide a useful  historical overview over this translational research field.