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Microbial Based Land Restoration Handbook, Volume 2: Soil and Plant Health Development

Vimal Pandey, Umesh Pankaj, 036770224X, 9780367702243, 978-0367702243

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Microorganisms are a good indicator of soil health. Plant  growth-promoting microorganisms protect plants from the stresses of  water, salt, metal, biotic, and so on, and are well known for  strategically modulating the plant mechanisms to defend and mitigate  environmental stresses. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this volume  explores the role of plant microorganisms in ecological and  agricultural revitalization beyond normal agriculture practices and  offers practical and applied solutions for the restoration of degraded  lands to fulfill human needs with food, fodder, fuel, and fiber. It also  provides a single comprehensive platform for soil scientists,  agriculture specialists, ecologists, and those in related disciplines.


• Presents cutting-edge microbial biotechnology as a tool for restoring degraded lands
• Explores the aspects of sustainable development of degraded lands using microorganism-inspired land remediation
• Highlights sustainable food production intensification in nutrient-poor lands through innovative use of microbial inoculants
•  Explains the remediation of polluted land for regaining biodiversity  and achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
• Includes many real-life applications from South Asia offering solutions to today’s agricultural problems

This  book will be of interest to professionals, researchers, and students in  environmental, soil, and agricultural sciences as well as stakeholders,  policy makers, and practitioners with an interest in this field.