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دانلود کتاب مدل سازی یک چارچوب رایانه ای جدید برای مدیریت سازمان های بهداشتی: متعادل سازی و بهینه سازی رضایت بیمار، رضایت مالک و منابع پزشکی

Modeling a New Computer Framework for Managing Healthcare Organizations: Balancing and Optimizing Patient Satisfaction, Owner Satisfaction, and Medical Resources | Soraia Oueida | ISBN: 0367462680, 0367460602, 978-0367462680, 978-0367460600, B08CQBTW8B

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سال انتشار 2021

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زبان فایل: انگلیسی

فرمت فایل: pdf

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ناشر: Productivity Press, Routledge

The medical sector has been growing exponentially over the last decade and healthcare services are becoming more complex and costly. In order to continue efficiently and effectively managing patient safety, quality, and the effectiveness of the healthcare systems, new methodologies are needed. This book provides a platform to address this growing need and to improve practice.

With the introduction of a new computer platform package for the management of medical organizations and healthcare systems, Modeling a New Computer Framework for Managing Healthcare Organizations aims to improve management techniques and increase overall satisfaction scores of patients, owners, and medical resources. The platform outlined will improve the daily operation of a healthcare system, focusing on the emergency department, and can be used to study the operation flow of a unit for performance optimization. It offers a user-friendly interface and proposed programming language, along with a visual and simple practice to collect and understand statistical outputs.

Essential reading for decision makers on different levels in the healthcare organization hierarchy, this book can also be used by management to improve the performance of the organization and decision makers to hire resources, enhance workflows or both. It guides designers and system implementers in a step-by-step approach to make optimal decisions for resource allocation and helps designers and management to detect deficiencies in ongoing processes and fix or enhance them.

Soraia Oueida is an instructor in the Department of Computer Engineering at the American University of the Middle East. She is an IEEE member and her research interests include Simulation Modeling, Discrete Mathematics, Petri Net, Workflows, Blockchain, IoT, Industrial Management Systems.