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Modelling Turbulence in Engineering and the Environment: Rational Alternative Routes to Closure

Kemal Hanjalić, Brian Launder, 1108835066, 9781108835060, 978-1108835060

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Modelling transport and mixing by turbulence in complex flows are huge  challenges for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This highly readable  book introduces readers to modelling levels that respect the physical  complexity of turbulent flows. It examines the hierarchy of  Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) closures in various situations  ranging from fundamental flows to three-dimensional industrial and  environmental applications. The general second-moment closure is  simplified to linear eddy-viscosity models, demonstrating how to assess  the applicability of simpler schemes and the conditions under which they  give satisfactory predictions. The principal changes for the second  edition reflect the impact of computing power: a new chapter devoted to  unsteady RANS and another on how large-eddy simulation, LES, and RANS  strategies can be effectively combined for particular applications. This  book will remain the standard for those in industry and academia  seeking expert guidance on the modelling options available, and for  graduate students in physics, applied mathematics and engineering  entering the world of turbulent flow CFD.