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Modern Approaches to Augmentation of Brain Function

Ioan Opris, Mikhail A. Lebedev, Manuel F. Casanova, 3030545636, 9783030545635, 978-3030545635

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English | 2021 | PDF

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This book covers recent advances in neural technology that provide for enhancements for brain function.  It addresses a broad range of neural phenomena occurring in the brain circuits involved in perception, cognition, emotion and action, that represent the building blocks of behavior and cognition. Augmentation of brain function can be achieved by using brain implants for recordings, stimulation, or drug delivery.  Alternative methods include employing brain-machine interfaces, as well as noninvasive activation of certain brain areas.  This volume evaluates existing methods of brain augmentation while discussing the brain circuitry and neuronal mechanisms that make augmentation possible.     This volume offers novel insights into brain disorders, and explores new devices for brain repair while also addressing the philosophical and ethical implications of brain augmentation. The information in this book is relevant to researchers in the fields of neuroscience, engineering, and clinical practice.     Advance Praise for Modern Approaches to Augmentation of Brain Function:     “This impressive book by leading experts in neuroscience and neuroengineering lays out the future of brain augmentation, in which the human mind and machine merge, leading to a rapid exponential growth of the power of humanity.”