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Modern Special Relativity: A Student’s Guide with Discussions and Examples

Johann Rafelski, 303054351X, 978-3030543518, 9783030543518, B09V2C3MY7, 978-3-030-54351-8, 978-3-030-54352-5

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This volume presents special relativity (SR) in a language accessible to students, while avoiding the burdens of geometry, space-time symmetries, the introduction of 4-vectors, and tensor calculus. The search for clarity in the fundamental questions about SR, the discussion of historical developments before and after 1905, the strong connection to current research topics, many solved examples and problems, and illustrations of the material in colloquial discussions are the most significant and original assets of this book. SR is presented in this volume such that nothing needs to be called paradoxical or apparent; everything is explained. The content of this volume develops and builds on the book RELATIVITY MATTERS,1 including new examples, discussions, clarifications, and wording adapted for accessibility by a wider interested readership. This introduction to SR does not require 4-vector tools.