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Money: From the Power of Finance to the Sovereignty of the Peoples

Rémy Herrera, 9811928479, 978-9811928475, 9789811928475, B0BBYS3LZW, 978-981-19-2847-5, 978-981-19-2848-2

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English | 2022 | PDF

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What is money, where does it come from, what is its purpose? Does it increase national and international inequalities? Rémy Herrera’s book analyzes how the changes in the capitalist world system have consolidated, over the last decades, the supremacy of the U.S. dollar, but also how this hegemony has recently been challenged, both by rising State resistance initiatives and by the emergence of crypto-currencies, which raises many questions. Reviewing the situation of each continent, this book invites us to debate the liberation from the dollar domination, as well as the future of the euro, that of the CFA and CFP francs, of the Cuban peso or of the Chinese yuan, among others, but also the means to take in hand our collective future by mastering money.