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Moorland Matters: The Battle for the Uplands against Authoritarian Conservation

Ian Coghill, 184689347X, 9781846893476, 978-1846893476

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English | 2021 | PDF | زمان تحویل: 1 تا 8 ساعت

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"This is a beautiful book, giving the unique moorlands of Britain the credit they deserve as a conservation success story. It is also a devastating book, using deep and careful knowledge of the facts to expose the shocking distortions of the truth being told to the public by many activists.” - Matt Ridley  "This is an extremely honest and informative book. It educates the reader about the much wider beneficial effects of grouse moor management and the unique environment this creates...A must-read by all who genuinely care about our wildlife." - Kate Hoey  "He conveys his fantastic knowledge with a wonderfully easy style. Everyone who reads this book will learn a great deal." - Ian Botham  With Britain’s islands holding more than three-quarters of the Earth’s stock of heather moorland, it is an extraordinary fact that it stands as one of the world’s rarest habitats.  A landscape beloved by millions, it’s renowned for the tranquillity and solace it provides – however, this tranquillity is an illusion. Britain’s moorlands have, in less than a decade, moved from a position of benign consensus to the epicentre of the bitterest conflict within UK conservation