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Move, Connect, Play: The Art and Science of AcroYoga

Jason Nemer, 9781250774187, 2021002089, 9781250774170, 1250774179, 978-1250774187, 978-1250774170

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Move, Connect, Play is a book detailing the core principles of AcroYoga,  a practice that melds the spectacle of circus arts with the healing  power of massage and the breathwork of yoga.

Get ready to learn how to fly.

AcroYoga  is a movement practice that combines the balance and connection of yoga  with the fitness and intensity of acrobatics, as well as the holistic  healing power of physical therapy. People come to it for all kinds of  reasons―they may have chronic pain and are looking for a long-term  solution to manage it, they may want to lose weight, gain muscle or  increase their mobility, or maybe they just want to experience it with  their friends or partners to deepen their relationships. Some even just  want to have some fun together.

In Move, Connect, Play, founder  of AcroYoga International Jason Nemer shares the core principles of  AcroYoga for athletic performance and for life, as well as 10 key areas  of training (strength, flexibility, technique, balance, breath, gravity,  relationships, mental, emotional, and sustainability). He also offers  specific exercises and routines for how to train safely and effectively  in each area.

This is a book that millions of AcroYogis around  the world have long been waiting for, and one that is an essential read  for high-performance athletes, weekend health warriors, and spiritual  seekers alike.