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Multimedia Forensics, Husrev Taha Sencar, Luisa Verdoliva, Nasir Memon, 9811676208, 9789811676208, 9811676232, 9789811676239, 9789811676215, 978-9811676208, 978-9811676239, 978-9811676215

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Media forensics has never been more relevant to societal life. Not only  media content represents an ever-increasing share of the data traveling  on the net and the preferred communications means for most users, it has  also become integral part of most innovative applications in the  digital information ecosystem that serves various sectors of society,  from the entertainment, to journalism, to politics. Undoubtedly, the  advances in deep learning and computational imaging contributed  significantly to this outcome. The underlying technologies that drive  this trend, however, also pose a profound challenge in establishing  trust in what we see, hear, and read, and make media content the  preferred target of malicious attacks. In this new threat landscape  powered by innovative imaging technologies and sophisticated tools,  based on autoencoders and generative adversarial networks, this book  fills an important gap. It presents a comprehensive review of  state-of-the-art forensics capabilities that relate to media  attribution, integrity and authenticity verification, and counter  forensics. Its content is developed to provide practitioners,  researchers, photo and video enthusiasts, and students a holistic view  of the field