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My Grandfather's Knife: Hidden Stories from the Second World War

Joseph Pearson, 9781443465939, 9781443465922, 978-1443465939, 978-1443465922

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Even the most ordinary of objects can tell a spectacular story

A  knife, a diary, a recipe book, a stringed instrument and a cotton pouch.  Each belonged to an individual who was in their twenties during the  Second World War: a fresh-faced prairie boy, a melancholic youth, a  capable cook, a musician wounded at the front and a survivor.

Over  a cup of tea, try asking your friends what object they’d choose to  represent their lives. The enthusiasm of their responses will give you  an indication of how well objects anchor sprawling personal histories.  Joseph Pearson, a Canadian historian and author, talked to elderly  family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances––people drawn from  everyday life––asking them the same question: Is there an object that  tells your wartime story? In many cases, he asked the question in  reverse: Could he discover the wartime story of a deceased person  through an object they once owned?

Through rigorous research and  in engaging prose, Joseph Pearson illuminates the often-dark history of  the 20th century by bringing to life the stories of everyday objects in  the hands of everyday people.