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Neurology: A Clinical Handbook

Charles Clarke, 1119235723, 2021054271, 2021054270, 9781119235729, 978-1119235729, 9781119235712, 978-1119235712, 9781119235705, 978-1119235705, B0B2CDCGJY

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English | 2022 | PDF

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“This Handbook is a sparkling addition to the neurological library, a  concise and clear guide to clinical practice in neurology, written in  elegant prose, a tribute to Queen Square and to the contribution that  both Hospital and Institute have made to neurology. It is the  encapsulation of wisdom gained in a long career. For practitioners in  the art of neurology, junior and senior this is required reading."

--Simon Shorvon, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, Queen Square  

Neurology:  A Clinical Handbook is a practical text, for both neurologists and  general physicians, in the wards, the office or at home. This book spans  the breadth of neurology and its challenges, for those who require a  rapid resource in accessible language.

The Handbook is also  aimed at those considering entering neurology, neurophysiology and  neurorehabilitation and for medical trainees and consultants in many  specialities. It is an invaluable source for the MRCP, a ready-made  reference for clinical practice and for the specialist nurse and  therapist.

The book deals with essentials - of neuroanatomy,  clinical examination, mechanisms of neurological disease and the major  issues of dementia and stroke in an ageing population. More specific  aspects of neurology are also addressed, including the specialist fields  of nerve and muscle disease, the spinal cord, headache and the cranial  nerves, infection in the nervous system, MS and sleep disorders. The  allied disciplines of neurorehabilitation, neuropsychiatry,  neuro-oncology, uro-neurology, neuro-otology and neuro-ophthalmology are  also covered.

The aim is to provide both an introduction and a  summary - of general neurological practice and the specialist aspects of  neurology and neuroscience.