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New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Sustainable Agriculture: Microorganisms as Biostimulants

Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Anukool Vaishnav, 9780323851633, 978-0323851633

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book provides a comprehensive overview of different agriculturally  important microorganisms and their role as plant biostimulants.  Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi, Trichoderma, Cyanobacteria, Endophytes,  and Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria have the potential to promote  plant growth, disease management, nutrient acquisition, stress  alleviation, and soil health management. Presenting an all-inclusive  collection of information, this book will be important for students,  academicians, researchers working in the field of sustainable  agriculture, microbial technology, and biochemical engineers. It will  also be of use for policymakers in the area of food security and  sustainable agriculture.

Introduces new microorganisms as plant biostimulants.
Describes potential mechanisms of plant–microbe interaction for stress alleviation and crop improvement.
Provides  information about different microbial formulations (consortium) and  their application to the alleviation of different abiotic stresses  (salt, drought, nutrient deficiency, heavy metal, etc.) in plants.
Discusses  about psychrophilic microbes, endophytic microbes, and total plant  microbiome and their uses as biostimulants for improving plant health.