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Noise-Controlling Casings

Marek Pawelczyk, Stanislaw Wrona, 9781032226972, 9781032227023, 9781003273806, 978-1032226972, 978-1032227023, 978-1003273806

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Noise-Controlling Casings offers a range of feasible noise-controlling  strategies for different kinds of devices generating excessive noise.  Depending on the required performance and the availability of energy  sources, three solution categories are presented: passive (no external  energy is needed, but performance is limited), semi-active (little  energy is needed, but performance achieves higher values) and active  (best performance, but an external energy source is needed). Two very  important benefits of these proposed solutions are global noise  reduction (in an entire enclosure or the surrounding space) and compact  technology (contrary to other active noise control solutions requiring a  large number of secondary sources and distributed sensors). Many of the  solutions presented are original approaches by the authors, their own  developed concepts and new elements and designs that have gained  recognition in prestigious journals. The book provides a theoretical  background to the research, looking at system configurations,  mathematical modelling, signal processing implementation and numerical  analysis.

The proposed ideas can be applied to any devices  provided they have casings of thin walls or they can be enclosed by  casings of thin walls. Applications include industrial devices,  household appliances, vehicle or aircraft cabins and more.

This  book will be of interest to professionals and students in the fields of  acoustics, vibration, signal processing, control, automotive and  aircraft engineering.