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Official Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Study Guide

Dan Sullivan, 1119618436, 9781119618430, 978-1119618430

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English | 2020 | PDF

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The proven Study Guide that prepares you for this new Google Cloud exam

The  Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Study Guide, provides  everything you need to prepare for this important exam and master the  skills necessary to land that coveted Google Cloud Professional Data  Engineer certification. Beginning with a pre-book assessment quiz to  evaluate what you know before you begin, each chapter features exam  objectives and review questions, plus the online learning environment  includes additional complete practice tests.

Written by Dan  Sullivan, a popular and experienced online course author for machine  learning, big data, and Cloud topics, Google Cloud Certified  Professional Data Engineer Study Guide is your ace in the hole for  deploying and managing analytics and machine learning applications.

- Build and operationalize storage systems, pipelines, and compute infrastructure
- Understand machine learning models and learn how to select pre-built models
- Monitor and troubleshoot machine learning models
- Design analytics and machine learning applications that are secure, scalable, and highly available.

This  exam guide is designed to help you develop an in depth understanding of  data engineering and machine learning on Google Cloud Platform.