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Omics Technologies for Clinical Diagnosis and Gene Therapy: Medical Applications in Human Genetics

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Genetic disorders have been the focus of scientists for a long time. The  emergence of next-generation sequencing techniques has ushered a new  era in genetics and several developments have occurred in human  genetics. The scientific perspective has also been widened with omics  technologies that allow researchers to analyze genetic sequences and  their expression products. An integrated approach is being used not only  for diagnosis but also for disease management and therapeutic purposes.

This  book highlights emerging areas of omics technology and its application  in the diagnosis and management of human genetic disorders. The book  covers three areas of research and implementation:

1) Diagnosis  (covering conventional strategies to next-generation platforms). This  section focuses on the role of in silico analysis, databases and  multi-omics of single-cell which will help in designing better management strategies.

2)  Disease Management and therapeutic interventions. This section starts  with genetic counselling and progresses to more specific techniques such  as pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, gene editing techniques  and their applications in gene therapies and regenerative medicine.

3)  Case studies. This section discusses the applications and success of  all the above-mentioned strategies on selected human disorders.

This  book serves as a handy reference for students and academics studying  advanced omics techniques in biochemistry and molecular genetics as part  of courses in life sciences, pharmacology and medicine.


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