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On Being One's Self: Clinical Explorations in Identity from John Steiner's Workshop

The New Library of Psychoanalysis, Sharon Numa, 1032210753, 1032210745, 978-1032210759, 9781032210759, 978-1032210742, 9781032210742, B0B7TNF463

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English | 2023 | PDF | 4 MB | 321 Pages

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On Being One’s Self  emerges from discussions in John Steiner’s Workshop and investigates  the meanings of self and identity, including the many ways in which the  development of personal identity can be subverted, interrogating what  can facilitate the development of a reasonably stable identity.

The  variety of problems that can arise in relation to the development of a  unique identity is reflected in rich clinical material that vividly  illustrates ‘identities’ felt to be weak, unformed, fluid or brittle, in  many cases demonstrating how the sense of self is held together by  pathological defences and organisations. The book examines several  long-term adult analytic cases, suggesting that a mature personal  identity involves not only ‘knowing who one is’ but also the capacity  for empathic identification with the experience of others as separate  human beings.

The question of ‘having’ an identity,  or the fear of losing it, is a central concern of individuals, and this  volume, which will be of interest to psychoanalysts and psychotherapists  alike, considers these issues by looking at the deepest conflicts  around self and identity as they emerge and are relived in the  transference relationship.