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Paleogene Fossil Birds

Fascinating Life Sciences, 2nd ed. Edition, Gerald Mayr, 3030876446, 978-3030876449, 9783030876449, B09SCJ2H7T

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English | 2022 | PDF | 24 MB | 247 Pages

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This  second, completely revised edition of “Paleogene fossil birds” gives a  comprehensive, updated overview of the avian fossil record from a  geological period that lasted from the end-Cretaceous mass extinction  event (66 million years ago) to the end of the Oligocene epoch (23 mya).  Paleogene avifaunas are highly diversified and not only feature unusual  archaic groups without close living relatives but also offer unique  insights into the evolution and biogeographic history of extant birds.
The  main body of the book constitutes an in-depth survey of the known  diversity of Paleogene avifaunas. The reader is introduced into basic  skeletal features of extinct avian taxa, with these fossil forms being  placed into a phylogenetic context in the light of current hypotheses on  the interrelationships of extant birds. The geographical and temporal  occurrences of the various fossil groups are outlined and their  evolutionary significance is discussed. Concluding sections inform more  general aspects of Paleogene avifaunas, such as possible causes of major  faunal changes.
In addition to being a reference work for the  early evolution of modern birds from a paleornithological perspective,  the present work also enables researchers in other fields of vertebrate  paleontology to gain an improved understanding of Paleogene ecosystems.  Numerous color photos of representative specimens furthermore make the  new edition attractive to a wider audience interested in the avian  fossil record.