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Peripheral Arterial Interventions: Evolving Therapeutic Strategies

Nicolas W. Shammas, 3031097408, 9783031097409, 978-3031097409

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book examines new technologies (device and pharmacologic) that have  evolved over the past few years in treating peripheral arterial  disease. Chapters offer optimal strategies to treat PAD, supported by  peer-reviewed data. The pillars of this strategy will focus on (a)  changing vessel compliance to allow better lumen expansion, (b) less  recoil and dissections, and (c) less bailout stenting. Chapters also  review embolic protection devices and apply the adjunctive use of  anti-proliferative therapy to maintain good long term outcomes. In  addition, the book reviews drug coated balloons and drug eluting stent  technologies and other means of drug delivery into the vessel wall. The  goal of this book is to discuss all these emerging technologies under  the strategy of treating patients with the focus on both acute and long  term outcomes. Featuring world renown experts, this book offers a  critical and comprehensive overview of the current data and future  directions that would pave the way for optimal PAD management.

Peripheral  Arterial Interventions is an essential resource for physicians,  residents, fellows, and medical students in cardiology, radiology,  vascular surgery, primary care, and health promotion and disease  prevention as well as internal and vascular medicine specialists.