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Persistence Strategies of Weeds

Mahesh K. Upadhyaya, David R. Clements, Anil Shrestha, 1119525608, 978-1119525608, 9781119525608, B09RVKNLRK

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English | 2022 | PDF

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An invaluable source of up-to-date information on all major aspects of weed persistence

Weeds negatively impact crop yields, the quality of agricultural produce, the health of livestock and ecosystems, and various aspects of human life. Despite significant expenditures of time, money, and resources by agricultural producers, land managers, and the general public, weeds persist. Developing new methods for protecting crops and the environment requires a thorough understanding of the persistence mechanisms of weeds.

In Persistence Strategies of Weeds, an international team of expert authors provide detailed information on weed seed biology, identify the vulnerabilities of different weeds, and address the underlying issues behind the problem of weed persistence despite various management methods including herbicides. Presenting a comprehensive approach to the subject, the authors describe what is already understood about weed persistence and what yet needs to be determined. Topics include the role of seed production, dissemination, seed banks, the physiology and genetics of seed dormancy, the influence of agronomic practices, seed longevity, vegetative propagation, allelopathy, predation, soil microbes, weed evolution, and more. This authoritative volume:

Examines the genetic flexibility of weeds to adapt to changes in agricultural practices and management strategies
Discusses the release of allelochemicals by certain weeds that inhibit the growth of competing plant species
Explores the influence of climate change on weed persistence and how the efficacy of herbicides will be affected
Emphasizes the importance of sustainable crop production and reducing dependence on synthetic herbicides
Provides extensive coverage of the roles of genetic, environmental, and morphological factors in the regulation of weed seed dormancy
Includes an overview of persistence strategies of weeds, detailed case studies, and numerous illustrative examples
Persistence Strategies of Weeds is an ideal textbook for all upper-level undergraduate and graduate students of weed and pest biology, agroecology, or organic agriculture, and a must-have reference for weed scientists and weed management professionals.