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Personal Process in Child-Centred Play Therapy

David Le Vay, Elise Cuschieri, 9780367861605, 9780367861582, 9781003017271, 978-0367861605, 978-0367861582, 978-1003017271

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Personal Process in Child-Centred Play Therapy provides a very specific  exploration of the play therapy process from the personal perspective of  the play therapist.

This volume examines the personal  challenges, opportunities, losses and gains, and numerous obstacles that  one has to negotiate through the course of both training to become a  play therapist and working as a qualified clinician with children who  have complex life difficulties. The book aims to offer a forum within  which the role, function and process of the "personal" within play  therapy can be explored. Bringing together a number of experienced play  therapists, the book shares often deeply personal accounts of their  experience of training and clinical practice. Chapters challenge the  unspoken therapist taboos of shame, childhood trauma, vulnerability and  grief, shining a light on the more hidden areas of therapist experience.  Clinical issues around the unconscious process are also explored, but  once again from the personal position of the play therapist, rather than  the child.

With a unique and distinct perspective on the  therapeutic process, this book is specifically intended for both trainee  and experienced play therapists, but will be relevant to all  psychotherapists involved in working therapeutically with children and  young people.