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Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence

John Maltby, Liz Day, Ann Macaskill, 1292317965, 9781292317960, 978-1292317960

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Expand your learning on some of the fundamental aspects surrounding  human personality and intelligence with this accessible, revised  edition.
Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence 5th  edition follows the previous market-leading editions, offering a  complete, reader-friendly, and up-to-date introduction to the field.

The  text offers a significant discussion on the fundamental issues  surrounding personality, individual differences, and intelligence on a  biological, physiological, and psychological level and how their  integration applies to the United Kingdom and European curriculum.

Following  a thoughtful pedagogical approach, the edition develops the subject  from its foundation to more advanced topics, making it highly accessible  to students. It also employs a range of updated and new features,  encouraging individual reflection and group discussion for a deeper  understanding of the topics introduced

The text presents  historical material and viewpoints, which along with debates of new and  contemporary issues, make the content engaging to read and discuss.

Equipped  with features such as the established series of 'Stop and Think' boxes,  it aims at helping students consolidate their understanding of the  topics reviewed and develop their critical thinking skills.

Updated  with 150 new research studies and introducing new topics (such as the  Dark Triad of Personality, Entity Theory and Incremental Theories of  Intelligence, Work on Trait Emotional Intelligence, Internet Dating,  Personality, and Social Media Use), this edition is a must-have book!