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Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine: From a Perspective of Ethnic Differences

Weimin Cai; Zhaoqian Liu; Liyan Miao; Xiaoqiang Xiang, 9789811538957, 4960270610, 0509937103, 0503723102, 978-9811538957

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English | 2020 | PDF

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This book provides an introduction to the principles of pharmacogenomics  and precision medicine, followed by the pharmacogenomics aspects of  major therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, organ  transplantation, psychiatry, infection, antithrombotic drugs. It also  includes genotyping technology and therapeutic drug monitoring in  Pharmacogenomics; ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues;  cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenetics-guided treatment; application of  pharmacogenomics in drug discovery and development and clinical  Implementation of Pharmacogenomics for Personalized Precision Medicine.  The contributors of Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine come from a  team of experts, including professors from academic institutions and  practitioner from hospital. It will give an in-depth overview of the  current state of pharmacogenomics in drug therapy for all health care  professionals and graduate students in the era of precision medicine.