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Picts: Scourge of Rome, Rulers of the North

Gordon Noble, Nicolas Evans, Nicholas Evans, 1780277784, 9781780277783, 978-1780277783

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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The Picts have fascinated for centuries. They emerged c. ad 300 to defy  the might of the Roman empire only to disappear at the end of the first  millennium ad, yet they left major legacies. They laid the foundations  for the medieval Scottish kingdom and their captivating carved stones  are some of the most eye-catching yet enigmatic monuments in Europe.  Until recently the Picts have been difficult to trace due to limited  archaeological investigation and documentary sources, but innovative new  research has produced critical new insights into the culture of a  highly sophisticated society which defied the might of the Roman Empire  and forged a powerful realm dominating much of northern Britain.

This  is the first dedicated book on the Picts that covers in detail both  their archaeology and their history. It examines their kingdoms,  culture, beliefs and everyday lives from their origins to their end, not  only incorporating current thinking on the subject, but also offering  innovative perspectives that transform our understanding of the early  history of Scotland.