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Planning Climate Smart and Wise Cities: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Kwi-Gon Kim, Massamba Thioye, 3030801675, 3030801640, 978-3030801670, 9783030801670, 978-3030801649, 9783030801649, B09M634GBN, 978-3-030-80164-9, 978-3-030-80165-6

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book provides information that facilitates integrated climate actions in cities, leveraging disruptive technologies, business models, policies, financing, and leadership solutions. It fosters the development of climate smart and wise cities. It reviews the major developments of climate actions in cities and combines climate environment and energy technology, policy and financing instruments. A range of distinguished authors assess the experiences thus far and also consider future development from both theoretical and practical perspectives. They also discuss many policy and technical options, including climate smart and wise city planning, inclusion of urban nature, international and national carbon market mechanisms and measuring its impact and digital transformation. Moreover, attention is paid to the role of natural principles, the role of transparency principles and to aspects of democratic climate governance within a climate action scheme. This book makes clear that the carbon neutrality, sustainability, circularity, efficiency, connectivity and resiliency of cities depend to a large extent on the specific digital technologies and the leadership reshaping our cities.
Discussing multidisciplinary aspects of climate action, this book offers new insights to academics, policymakers and practitioners both in the public and private sectors. Those insights are not only retrospective, relevant for understanding the past, but they are also prospective and forward-looking, guiding the achievements of the SDGs and the climate goals.