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کتاب آشپزی با پروتئین گیاهی بالا: 100 دستور العمل گیاهی خوشمزه برای ورزشکاران در ساخت تناسب اندام عالی حفظ توده عضلانی و بهبود شیوه زندگی شما

Plant Based High Protein Cookbook: 100 Delicious Vegan Recipes for Athletes to Build Muscle Mass Maintain Excellent Fitness and Improve your Lifestyle | Del Gundry, Barron Theodore | ISBN: 8619456554, 979-8619456554, B084YXB5QS, B0858V3V18

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If you want to get a sufficient amount of healthy proteins to build muscle and improve your physique with plant-based nutrition, then Keep Reading.

It has always been said that the only way a person can gain muscle is to eat a lot of poultry, dairy products, and eggs.

They lied to you!

Did you know that you can eat vegan or vegetarian and have perfect muscle and fitness?

The plant-based diet is such a great idea for athletes, sportsmen, and bodybuilders because nature is a great healthy source of protein and many plant-based foods have even more protein than meat, to increase vitality and energy.

Plant-based eat will spark your culinary creativity and show you that you can delicious meals ready-to-go every day, getting enough protein eating meatless foods.

In addition, with the best plant-based protein foods, you can consume well-balanced diet plans that sustain a healthy body and also lower the risks of some illnesses.

Many celebrities and famous sports stars have gone full vegan, and they speak about incredible positive changes they've noticed regarding their body, health, and skin.

This vegan bodybuilding cookbook will give you the best tools that you need to help you gain muscle mass and eat healthy with meatless protein foods following the plant-based lifestyle.

A small taste of what you'll learn in this book:

•Benefits of plant-based high protein

•The best methods to eat the right amount of the plant-based protein every day

•Specific factors that impact your protein needs

•Best macro calculators

•Vegan proteins to intake for muscle building

•100 healthy plant-based high protein recipes

•Nutrition facts

•And more…

Even if you are not an athlete or a sportsman and you just want to improve your body or lose weight quickly, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, set aside your concerns about not knowing what to eat, and optimize your vegan protein nutrition with this fantastic cookbook.