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Pliability for Runners: The Breakthrough Method to Stay Injury-Free, Get Stronger and Run Faster

McConkey. Joseph, 9781578269112, 978-1578269112, 1578269105

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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A breakthrough book that redefines running performance and injury prevention.

Pliability  is the key to running injury free and outperforming the competition.  Each year there are 50-60 million people in the US that run regularly,  with over 50% of them suffering a running injury. Pliability (the  loosening, softening and relaxing of muscles) is in the midst of a major  'movement' in the realm of professional sports, physical therapy and  health/fitness to help offset these kinds of injuries. Written by an  exercise physiologist and coach at the Boston Running Center, Pliability  for Runners outlines what pliability is, why it is important and how to  improve one own's pliability safely and effectively specifically for  runners. The book addresses issues for all levels of runners from  recreational to professional athletes and help increase flexibility and  strength.