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Polarized Light in Biomedical Imaging and Sensing: Clinical and Preclinical Applications

Jessica C. Ramella-Roman, Tatiana Novikova, 3031047400, 9783031047404, 978-3031047404

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book focuses on biomedical applications of polarized light,  covering instrumentation and modeling specific to the field. This will  be the first book, written by leading researchers in the field, to  tackle this important topic. Readers will learn the fundamentals of  polarized light transport and how to develop instrumentation for  clinical and preclinical studies. They will also become familiar with  the latest advancement in data analysis and image processing for a  variety of medical applications. The book is dedicated specifically to  the biomedical community, including scientists, engineers, and  physicians working on the development of instrumentation for clinical  and preclinical use.Emphasizes biomedical imaging and sensing;Describes  new computational approaches with examples;Provides detailed  descriptions of novel instrumentation.